These are clinical research studies:

·     That are of high quality

·     peer reviewed

·     eligible to receive NIHR CRN support in England

The Ophthalmology research specialty has seen a steady growth in the number of participants recruited into UK NIHR CRN portfolio studies in the last 15 years. Although some variation in recruitment, the average number of participants recruited is approximately 12,000 per year.

The UK NIHR CRN has been divided into 15 geographical regions each led by a regional ophthalmology lead specialist.

The NIHR supports commercial and non-commercial (academic) research studies.

Commercial research refers to research studies / trials that are both sponsored and funded by independent pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical device companies.

Non-commercial or academic clinical trials are trials or studies that are not funded by pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies for commercial ends.

Numbers of participants recruited into NIHR CRN Ophthalmology portfolio studies in 2020/2021 with categorisation into commercial and non-commercial sponsorship and by design