Uveitis is a subspecialty which focuses on inflammation of the structures in middle layer of the eye. Those structures are the iris (the coloured part of the eye), the ciliary body (muscle ring behind the iris) and the choroid (a tissue layer that provides support to the retina). All those structures together form the uvea (or uveal tract). Often the cause of the uveitis may not be unknown, however a number of conditions can result in uveitis. Eye surgery or any type of injury to the eye may cause uveitis. Additionally, bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungal organisms can cause eye infections which can ultimately lead to uveitis. A number of systemic conditions can also trigger inflammation of the uveal tract. Often those conditions are autoimmune (the body immune system attacks its own organs) and some examples include sarcoidosis, Behcet’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis or inflammatory bowel disease. Those conditions are often managed with medications that suppress or modulate the body immune system. Uveitis specialists have good understanding of the treatment for those systemic conditions and they work along with rheumatologists, GPs or other physicians toward improving patients’ vision but also their overall health.

There are also a number of research studies supervised by uveitis specialist ophthalmologists in which patients can take part. For example, one study called “Treatment of inflammation inside the eye caused by an overactive immune system (autoimmune uveitis) using adalimumab” is looking into exploring a new treatment medication.

Another study called “A Study of Baricitinib (LY3009104) in Participants From 2 Years to Less Than 18 Years Old With Active JIA-Associated Uveitis or Chronic Anterior Antinuclear Antibody-Positive Uveitis” tries to establish the safety and how effective the medication is.

Please find the most recent edition of the Uveitis Clinical Study Group Newsletter below. 

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to your Spring time edition of the Uveitis CSG newsletter

At a glance:

1.    Join the conversation- How do uveitis doctors manage glaucoma?

2.    COVID HARMS study

3.    Birdshot Bioresource Study

4.    New! Webinars on April 22 and May 13

5.    New! Clinical Trials and Studies Page on the Uveitis CSG website


1. Improving the management of patients with ocular hypertension and glaucoma- your help requested

Calling all consultants and associate specialists who have uveitis patients with ocular hypertension or glaucoma! Please complete a 15 minute survey to help inform guidelines. We’re looking for at least 40 responses throughout the country. Last chance to tell us your views. Please contribute: https://redcapsurveys.uhbw.nhs.uk/surveys/?s=XFRK7DD4YJ

To complement this and other CUP glaucoma and uveitis research, we are hosting a case-based webinar about glaucoma and uveitis on April 22. See below

2. Harms in Uveitis Patients during the COVID19 Pandemic

Have you found a patient whose disease or treatment has suffered due to the pandemic? We are collecting evidence of ocular/systemic harm occurring over the COVID 19 pandemic due to patient, social or institutional factors. This is a valuable, ready-made audit for your own service and may help us understand limitations of non-face to face clinical care in uveitis. Please register by emailing sonjams123@gmail.com. The link to the study form: https://redcapsurveys.uhbw.nhs.uk/surveys/?s=XFRK7DD4YJ

3. NIHR BioResource for Birdshot

The NIHR Bioresource is a biobank based at Cambridge University which stores blood samples from UK Birdshot patients as part of its rare diseases remit. Please send a quick email to register interest. There’s no minimum number of cases. The BioResource staff willprovide connect you with a Bioresource coordinator in your area. Contact: Lindsey Berends, Senior Research Study Coordinator, rarediseases@bioresource.nihr.ac.uk .

4. Webinar April 22 : 1830-1945 Under Pressure! Challenging Uveitis and OHT/Glaucoma Case Discussions

Join us for stimulating case discussions which will highlight challenges and solutions for managing the patient with uveitis and OHT/glaucoma from the perspective of the uveitis doctor and the glaucoma specialist. Please register here (Agenda to be posted on www.uveitisstudygroup.org shortly): 

5. Save the date! Webinar May 13 : 1830-2000

Designing Better Clinical Outcomes Through Advancements in Clinical Research

This webinar will highlight latest advances in the clinical research methods which will improve outcomes for our patients. We ask four speakers to describe how their research will make for future breakthroughs. More details and registration information soon….

 6. Covid 19 Guidance for Clinicians and Patients

As you know, shielding ended on March 31. Click here for patient and clinician information about vaccinations for immunosuppressed patients https://www.uveitisstudygroup.org/?id=33 . All our other clinician and patient information is on www.uveitisstudygroup.org.


Here’s to a smooth ride out of lockdown!,


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